3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro 50 Gazebo (Pop Up Frame Only)

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Discover the Gala Shade Pro-50: Where Innovation Meets Perfection

Step into the realm of elite commercial gazebos with the Gala Shade Pro-50 - a symbol of Gala's unparalleled commitment to quality and finesse. Crafted meticulously for commercial environments, this gazebo is the epitome of a perfect balance: it offers unmatched durability and strength, all while ensuring practicality and delivering remarkable value.

A Leap Ahead with Advanced Technology

What sets the Gala Shade Pro-50 distinctly apart?
It's our relentless pursuit of innovation. Our exclusive range of professional pop-up gazebos boasts patented joints, a unique feature available solely at Gala Tent. These precision-engineered joints not only accelerate the setup and takedown process of your gazebo but also promise a longevity that stands the test of time.

Unlike competitors who resort to cast aluminium which is prone to oxidation, we've opted for profile aluminium joints. But that's not all. Each joint is intricately designed with sculpted nylon inserts, ensuring no direct contact between aluminium components. This critical design consideration negates the risks of friction, abrasion, and dreaded oxidation, ensuring your gazebo remains in prime condition.

Ever noticed competitors reaching for a can of WD40 even for a brand-new gazebo? That's a glaring testament to compromised design and quality. With Gala Shade Pro-50, such makeshift solutions are a thing of the past.

Dive into a world where quality isn't just promised; it's lived. Experience the Gala Shade Pro-50, and redefine your expectations from a commercial gazebo.
Product Specification: Gala Shade Pro Gazebo

Height Adjustability: The Gala Shade Pro Gazebo offers versatility with 5 adjustable height positions, ensuring adaptability for various needs and events.

Position 1:
  • Ground to Valance: 1400mm
  • Ground to Centre: 1440mm
  • Ground to Top: 2680cm
Position 2:
  • Ground to Valance: 1550mm
  • Ground to Centre: 1590mm
  • Ground to Top: 2830cm
Position 3:
  • Ground to Valance: 1700mm
  • Ground to Centre: 1740mm
  • Ground to Top: 2980cm
Position 4:
  • Ground to Valance: 1850mm
  • Ground to Centre: 1890mm
  • Ground to Top: 3130cm
Position 5:
  • Ground to Valance: 2000mm
  • Ground to Centre: 2040mm
  • Ground to Top: 3280cm
Frame Details:
  • Leg Structure: Hexagonal with dimensions 50 x 50mm (Corner-to-corner measurement: 60mm x 60mm)
  • Materials: High-grade 6061/T6 aluminium (commonly used in our expansive modular marquees). Notably superior to the 6063/T5 aluminium used by competitors.
  • Construction: Features robust screws fixing, ensuring durability and ease of repair.
Key Features & Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 3m x 3m commercial pop-up framework, perfect for versatile use.
  • Packing Dimensions of Frame: 169 x 36 x 36 cm.
Packaging Information:
  • Dimensions: 170x38x27cm
  • Weight: 35kg
Experience the perfect blend of robustness, elegance, and adaptability with the Gala Shade Pro 50 Gazebo. Crafted for those who demand excellence.

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