Why choose Gala Folding Trestle Tables?

We’ve all been in situations where additional table space would have made our lives a whole lot easier: extra space for birthday parties, family Christmas meals, barbecues, car boot sales, decorating….the list is endless!

Gala has developed a range of portable folding trestle tables which cover every eventuality. Available in circular, square and rectangular designs, Gala foldaway trestle table tops are manufactured from high-density blow-moulded plastic supported by a powder-coated steel framework. The tables are stable, strong, and durable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Gala trestle tables fold away quickly and neatly and have a carrying handle making them safe and easy to lift. Being compact, the storage space required is minimal. The smooth table surface will not crack, chip or peel, and is easy to keep clean. Its neutral colour means the Gala table sits comfortably with other furniture.

The robustness of Gala trestle tables means they are ideal for schools, community centres, caterers, and rental companies as well as domestic use.

Gala folding trestle tables – no event is complete without one, or maybe even two or three!

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