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Here are some ways you can use your gazebo:

Gazebos at weddings

Gazebos at wedding are great for:

Since they are smaller than marquees and pagodas, they’re not really suitable as a full reception area or cover for everyone during the service – but they can be used to great effect if you are having an outdoor wedding, or want a small covered, outdoor area available.

Gazebos at a garden party or outdoor event:

Lots of people want to use a gazebo or several gazebos at a garden party to add some cover for guests. There are various ways you can use them at your own events.

Commercial use:

Commercial uses for gazebos include:

In the garden:

There are loads of different ways you can use your gazebo on a regular basis in the garden. Lots of people want to use gazebos over hot tubs, as a play area for the kids, or over a fire pit, for example.

Something you need to think about is the type of surfaces you have available in your garden.


Gazebos are an ideal addition to your camping equipment, providing the perfect cover for a communal seating area outside of the tent.

Are they easy to transport?

Gazebos are very portable – they’re light-weight, easy to pack down and come in handy carry cases. If you get the right size they will fit neatly into a car boot.

Will they stand up to the weather?

A cheap, lower quality gazebo is at risk of flying away.

One risk of using a gazebo in campsite? Flattening other people’s tents as your gazebo takes flight. This should not be the norm for gazebos! Well made, quality gazebos are robust, hard-wearing and designed specifically to withstand the weather.

You can also purchase weights and ground bars to add extra security.

Are they quick to put up and take down?

The distinctive feature of pop-up gazebos is that they take a matter of minutes to put up. They’re specifically designed to be incredibly easy to put up and take down.

What size do I need?

Find out what size you need in our simple size guide.

Making them into a private area:

If you purchase some extra walls you can also make your gazebo into a private, screened area.


If possible you should dry out your gazebo before you pack it away. If this isn’t possible whilst out camping you should take it out of its bag as soon as you get home to air it and dry it out, so that it doesn’t rust and the canopy doesn’t get mouldy.

At a festival:

Gazebos are ideal for a festival because they are easy to carry, easy to put up and easy to take down. If you go to a lot of festivals it’ll most likely work out cheaper to invest in a quality gazebo from the off, rather than repeatedly buying cheap gazebos which rarely survive the weather and general conditions of a gazebo.

Can you take gazebos to a festival?

It varies between festivals, most will have the information on their website. Here’s a summary of some of the bigger festivals:


Can I take a Gazebo?


They ask you not to, but they don’t ban it out right. If you do, take it home! (and be willing to let your neighbours use it, they take up camping space for other people, after all). There have been reports of stewards taking down gazebos if room is tight.




No - they will be confiscated.


Yes – it’s not on the banned list.

Secret Garden Party


End of the Road

Yes – but take it away with you


No official information available, but not on any banned lists!

Green Man

Yes – but take it home


No – they will be confiscated.



If you do take a gazebo remember: